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We are a Think Tank of  Innovation in applied public policy projects. Technology development and implementation  Social in Basic Income, Direct Democracy and EcoLibertarism.

look here  publication of results and analysis of projects carried out by the multidisciplinary team of ReCivitas, lectures, articles, blogs and many independent studies  of researchers from Universities and International Institutions.




  • Keynote speaker World Social Forum, Montreal, 2016. Here.

  • School of Public Policy at Central European University, Budapest. 2015.

  • CCFD, France.  2015.

  • ISCTE, Portugal, 2015.

  • Hamburger Netzwerk Grundeinkommen ,Germany.  2016.

  • TEDxItaimBibi 2013. Here

  • Oxford University, England 2012.

  • Keynote speaker at the XIV International BIEN Congress, Munich 2012.  On here.

  • Leuven University, Belgium 2012.

  • TEDxBologna 2011.  On here.

  • Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan 2010.

  • Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan 2010.

  • Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan 2010.

  • Karlshure University, Germany 2010.

  • Sussex University, England 2010.

  • Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Brazil 2009.

  • University of São Paulo, Brazil 2008.




  • UN ECLAC.  “A Regional Basic Income: Towards The Eradication Of Extreme Poverty In Central America” by Alice Krozer 2010.  On here.

  • LEUPHANA UNIVERSITY. “Nachhaltige Entwicklung durch ein bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen?” Mathias Rudolph  2011.  On here.

  •   INSTITUTE OF COMMONS AND ECONOMICS.  “Local Commons in rural São Paulo”, Alexander Dill  2010.  On here.

  • LOUVAIN UNIVERSITY. “Universal Cash Transfer Experiences” Anthony Baert 2012.  On here.





  • X ISTR International Conference (Johns Hopkins University), Siena, Italy, 2012.  On here.

  • XIV International BIEN Congress, Munich, Germany, 2012. Here.




Newspaper Folha de São Paulo – social entrepreneur

  • Look at the lilies of the field.  Here .

  • Social enterprise, social capital.  Here .

  • Basic income, a social enterprise?  On here.

  • The silent revolution in basic income.  Here .  




















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