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Who we are

O  Recipes  – Institute for the Revitalization of Citizenship is a civil society organization, registered with the Ministry of Justice since October 7, 2006.

But what ReCivitas is for regulations, norms and bureaucracy is not capable of translating what drives us, our goals and even more, the paths we have taken to try to achieve them.

Its lean structure does not limit its scope, which does not end in a single focus of action, but in an interconnected bundle of elements that constitute its main objective, full citizenship.

This is easily noticed in their performances:

  • Development of innovative public policies

  • Creation and execution of libertarian socioeconomic experiences

  • Drafting of bills

  • Structuring of intellectual property licenses

  • Creation of new products for social investment

  • Architecture of governance platforms

  • production of social technology

If seen at a glance your performances can sound disjointed. But this soon dissipates in contact with their projects. Take a little time to discover them with us.




Our main mission is the development of social technologies that aim to transform people on the margins of society into full citizens, through economic, political and cultural inclusion. Our struggle is to rethink social structures and seek new means of interaction that escape the traps of deprivation and scarcity.



Accountability. Our projects are presented with absolute transparency, through the publication of their elements, costs and results. But beyond a simple rendering of accounts, we carry out our own studies and are objects of independent studies in the constant critical analysis of our actions.

Sustainability. Although already commonplace in all actions that intend to be aware, it is a fundamental concern of our projects and actions. Sustainability as the search for the maintenance and economic continuity of projects efficiently. The constant attempt to develop innovative costing instruments, in which the budget does not depend on variables external to the project.


Theorization. The concern that guides all our actions is to unite two points that many consider to be distant. Action and conjecture. Our theoretical efforts are of practical course. Our practice is guided by a deep and careful theoretical construction. That's why we think in action, we act in thought. That's why we project ourselves as something that goes beyond a project executor, but that is not limited to sterile academic studies.

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