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A movement for digital direct democracy that has roots in the Basic Income project in Quatinga Velho, whose decisions are taken with the direct participation of community members.


It is a consequence of ReCivitas' reflections on political empowerment and its indispensability for social inclusion, thoughts that took shape beyond its members and found an echo in the restlessness that took to the streets.

Governe-se is a space for discussions and political, artistic and literary expressions by people who share the desire to participate in society.


But in addition to the positioning, expression and theoretical discussion, we developed a bill to raise the necessary legal discussion on the renewal of important instruments of participation, such as the plebiscite, referendum and the drafting of bills, which are currently in a plaster cast. and with impeding formalities.


An important part of the project is the discussion on digital instruments that allow the execution of participation rights granted by the Federal Constitution, in agile and efficient ways to activate the competent powers and bodies, to articulate and connect common interests and demands in an integrated and horizontal network .


We held the 1st Congress for Digital Direct Democracy in Brazil and helped for the 2nd edition in Argentina.

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