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- January  

.Marcus Brancaglione becomes Top Writer of Economics on Medium

.Lecture: Restless and Anxieties & Basic Income: Utopia? in the organization  Collaborative Base, SP.


Review of the book “Lessons from the practice of Basic Income” by Kevin Carson at C4SS.


Materia in Galileu Magazine about Basic Income by journalist Yuri Gonzaga with emphasis on the ReCivitas project in Quatinga Velho.


. Visit of the philosopher and journalist Gaspard Koenig, from the think tank Generatiom Libre, from France, to the Basic Income Startup project in Quatinga Velho.


- January  

Basic Income Startup – the project in Quatinga Velho is now restarted with a Fund that will sustain the participants for at least 20 years.

- February  

Lessons for Human Liberation. Basic Income in a Brazilian Village. School of Geography and the Environment, Oxford University, England.

- March  

Launch of the book “Lessons from the practice of Basic Income” by Marcus Brancaglione, English-Portuguese version.

- August  

World Social Forum in Montreal, President Marcus Brancaglione was  speaker at the Grand Conference “Basic Income, the major social innovation for the 21st century”, Canada at the invitation of the MFRB – French movement of basic income.

- November  

Partnership with the Algosphere Alliance group

Creation of the Basic Income Brazil Network group



- June 2015

Closing of activities at the sub-headquarters in Paranapiacaba, Santo Andre.

- October, November and December

.Social Forum Networking Conference. Dornach, Switzerland

.Grundeinkommen, in Brasilien. Lorrach, Germany.

.Swiss movement meeting in Bern.

    .Conference-Debat. Basic revenue experiments: le cas du Brésil. Paris, France

.Rendezvous inter-associative. Experimentation du revenu de base: l ecas du Brésil. Paris, France.

.Université populaire de Bordeaux. France.

.Grundeinkommen. Koln, Germany.

.Bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen & Direkte Digitale Demokratie zum Anfassen. Berlin, Germany

.Basic Income in a Brazilian Village: Lessons for Human Liberation. School of public policy, Budapest, Hungary.

.Annual Basic Income Conference (We don't have freedom without Basic Income) Budapest, Hungary.

.Grundeinkommen, Hamburg, Germany.

.Monthly meeting of the BGE Hamburg group, Germany.

.Basic Income Movement, Copenhagen, Denmark.

.Basic Income and Direct Democracy, Malmo, Sweden.

.Basic Income and Direct Democracy Workshop. ISCTE University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal.


- December, November and October

  . Launch of books by Marcus Vinicius Brancaglione – through

Authors Club, São Paulo:

  . 209 Reasons To Have Faith In Basic Income. And A Libertarian Manifesto;

  . Govern yourself. Digital Direct Democracy;

  . Freedom Is Sacred;

  . 200 Reasons To Have Faith In Freedom. And In Liberation; and

  . 186 Reasons to Have Faith in God. Because God is not Lord, He is Freedom.

- September

. Japanese student visit, ReCivitas/University of Tokyo exchange.

• June

ReCivitas members, Marcus Brancaglione and Bruna Pereira, are nominated

as Ambassadors in Brazil of The Seasteading Institute, technology to foster  

floating cities that will provide the next generations of pioneers with a peaceful place  

to new governance ideas, where the most successful can inspire change  

around the world.

- May

. End of the RBC – QV project; and Beginning of negotiations for the creation of the Direct Democracy platform - Govern Yourself

- April

. Visit to study the RBC – QV project, by a group of students from Oxford University through  

of the ReCivitas/OMI partnership - Oxford Microfinance Initiative.

- February

.Organization and holding of the "First Congress for Direct Democracy

Digital” at the Tryp Iguatemi hotel; and

.Meetings in Quatinga Velho to clarify and decide on the continuity of the  




- July: meeting with representatives of civil society on the July Demonstrations, with a letter sent to President Dilma on Direct Democracy, beginning of Governe-se.

- April: Lecture at the exhibition “Examples to follow: expedition in aesthetics and sustainability” at the Memorial da América Latina.

Signing of a partnership with UNISA – University of Santo Amaro, to carry out extension courses.

- March: Beginning of the Music Workshops in Quatinga Velho.

Release of ⒶRobinRight License

- February: article in Revista Brasileiros, Ed.67.

- Janeiro: Launch of the book “Copyfight, Cultura Livre e Pirataria”, in Rio de Janeiro, of which Marcus VB dos Santos is co-author, with the article “RobinRight.

  Presentation of a proposal for the implementation of a pilot project to the Government of the State of São Paulo.



- December: Participation in the NGO Brazil. Presentation of 2 lectures:

Microcredit and Basic Income.

Social Investment and Equity Funds.

Interview Rádio Trianon AM740, Falando em Fundações program, Joel Scala.

- September: Speaker at the closing act of the XIV BIEN Congress, Munich, Germany. Presentation of papers:

“Index of Effectiveness and Efficiency of Public Policy”

"Analytical Report of Three Years of the Pilot-project of Basic Income Guarantee in Brazil"

“The Good Intention And The Hard Truth Of Basic Income In Brazil. The Reason Why Bolsa Família Should Not Be Considered As A Basic Income Program”

Workshop: University of Leuven, Belgium.

Presentation: Oxford University, England.

- July: Presentation of  two Papers and a panel at the X ISTR International Conference (Johns Hopkins University), Siena, Italy.

“Index of Effectiveness and Efficiency of Public Policy”

"Analytical Report of Three Years of the Pilot-project of Basic Income Guarantee in Brazil"

April: Signing of a contract with Cresça Brasil



- December: publication of the “Efficacy and Efficiency Index” developed from studies in QUATINGA VELHO.

- November: meeting of ReCivitas, Mattos Filho office and Luis D'Amato, volunteer manager for the Fund at Hedging-Griffo, where the elaboration of the rules for the Third Sector Investment Fund was finalized.

- October: First Microcredit granted in Quantiga Velho, consigned to RBC.

- September: 15 days internship of the RBC study group of Prof. Tadashi Okanouchi, Hosei University, to ReCivitas.

Presentation at TEDXBologna, Italy, in the Innovator of the Future category.

- August: ReCivitas declares its support for the Tollense-Lebenspark initiative in Germany to carry out a pilot project.

- June: Researcher Anthony Baert, Louvain University, visits ReCivitas for the publication of “Universal Cash Transfer Experiences”

Signature of the provision of pro bono legal services with Mattos Filho, Veiga Filho, Marrey Jr & Quiroga Advogados for the elaboration of the Sustainability Fund.

- May: Sustainability of QUATINGA VELHO: the first commitments to participate in the Fund are signed, whose capital would already cover RB in Quatinga Velho.

- April opening of the investment account at Hedging-Griffo.

- February: delivery of the business plan for the BigBank project and the Sustainability Fund to CreditSuisseHedging-Griffo.



- December - The Quatinga Velho project and the report are cited as a reference in the ECLAC publication “A Regional Basic Income: Towards The EradicationOf Extreme Poverty In Central America” by Alice Krozer.

- November to December - Presentation of the Quatinga Velho Project in Japan

Kyoto – Doshisha University, Ritsumeikan University;

Tokyo – Sophia University;

Nakagawa City Hall.

- November - Visit to Grammen Bank in Bangladesh and first contact with Muhammad Yunus.


- July - ReCivitas collaborates in the XIII BIEN InternationalCongress (Basic Income Earth Network InternationalCongress) through its members Marcus VB dos Santos and Bruna A. Pereira, in the Advisory Committee.

- June- Visit to the Quatinga Velho project by the president of USBIG (United States Basic Income Guarantee), prof. Karl Widerquist.

- June – the Quatinga Velho project reaches 77 participants.

- April - Beginning of the exchange of volunteers with Europe.

February – Partnerships

GLS Bank - Germany.

IDEM – IdentityTroughInitiative.

Basel Institute of Commons and Economics.

January to March - Presentation of the Quatinga Velho Project in Europe for the initiatives (networks):

Green Party; Istituto per la Giustizia, La Pace and La Safeguardia del Creato – Bolzano, Italy;

Unternehmen mitte and Initiative Grundeinkommen – Basel, Switzerland;

Institut für Entrepreneurship, Univeristät Karlsruhe – Germany;

Grundeinkommen Initiatives – Cologne, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen, Braunschweig and Munich, Germany;

Annual meeting of BIEN Denmark - Copenhagen;

University of Sussex – Brighton, England.



- December – Preparation and public disclosure of the “Collective Security Mandate” in favor of RBC.



  • October to November: Presentation of ReCivitas projects in the US for organizations:

    • Partners of the Americas - Chicago and Washington;

    • Grammen Foundation;

    • Shore Bank;

    • World Bank.



- September – Partnership with the Betinho Committee for the Library and Free Toy Library.

- May - Partnership with IATS –Institute of Administration for the Third Sector Luiz Carlos Merege.

- April – Beginning of the use of RBC as “productive microcredit” by participants who live in Quatinga - Velho

- August – Start of activities for the dissemination of Citizen's Basic Income for Santo Antonio do Pinhal, SP.

- August - Partnership with Fundação Expedição Villas-Boas for Brazil;

- July – Launch of the Permanent Fund for Basic Citizenship Income from Paranapiacaba to investors at the TrypMeliá Hotel, in São Paulo.

- May - First international contribution to Quatinga Velho (Italy).

- April - Public acclaim for the Citizen's Basic Income in Paranapiacaba.

- March - Free Library and Permanent Fund of Basic Citizenship Income of Paranapiacaba are included in the Annals of the Federal Senate.


- December - In Paranapiacaba, the Library and Free Toy Library starts.

- November - TVONG ceases to be a project and becomes a service provider (Web 2.0) for other NGOs.

- September - ReCivitas receives the title of OSCIP from the Ministry of Justice.

-May - Presentation of the Historic Heritage recovery project in Paranapiacaba Fforde 409 & 411.

- April – ReCivitas opens its virtual headquarters on the SecondLife platform, starting its operations in social media (web 2.0).

- March – ReCivitas' area of operation turns to the historic village of Paranapiacaba, municipality of Santo André - SP.


- December - The TVONG project debuts on TVMIX-SP as an exclusive television program about the Third Sector.

- November - The Fundamentals Project, ReCivitas' first formal project, wins the Basketball Championship of the Praia Grande school games in the male juvenile category – SP, together with the students of EE JulioSecco de Carvalho.


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