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Basic Income Startup

Project started on January 2016

Can you imagine a generation of people who will receive the unconditional Basic Income for more than 20 years?

Long enough for the basic income to become permanent and the community to emancipate definitely, so they can have sufficient resources to pay for their own basic income. This is because now the volunteers not only receive Basic Income but also contribute to the payment of a Basic Income, according to their possibilities and consensus.

It is not only the beginning. It is a new start, a new system. We intend to generate a definitive basic income not only for this small community, but for other new communities and people through "Call of Projects".

The most viable proposals within our possibilities will be prioritized. The system will also be open to accession by individuals outside the localities.

Yes. Any person or group of people can make a proposal to join a certain pre-existing community. If community members accept the membership (via direct democracy), they can now receive and contribute to their basic income.

The model has 3 financial resourses: . Donations . A Basic Income Fund from ReCivitas, exclusively used for the payment of the basic income (your donation will be used for this, to increase the Fund and create the possibilities for more people receive BI) . A Guaranteed Basic Income Fund, that belongs to the participants whose income will be used after emancipation to pay their basic income, with the factor that: the redistribution of income will be determined by the voluntary contributions.

ReCivitas will suggest a fair contributary value for the recipitants, however this figure will be decided democratically and directly by the community, we dont have the power to veto or vote. the participation is exclusively determined by our available resources and off course, with respect to the definition and principles of basic income.

Thus following the principles of Direct Democracy: . the participants not only continue to be defined by their direct vote but also by being able to decide who can enter the community. . the community members will determine the percentage of their contribution and the value of their Basic Income, which could be different between them as everyone needs to agree.

Is the project too small? Large numbers aren't the most important thing, but instead its replication capacity, independent and sustained expansion. So keeping an open and sustainable design is more important than planning giant tax programs against free enterprise.

The model can grow according to the availability of resources and investments. By networking we will even be able to overcome the limitations of national boundaries.

ReCivitas has already paid the BI in Quatinga Velho (2008-2014), but now we will pay BI permanently!

The Basic Income for Quatinga Velho is R$ 40,00 (USD 10) a month per person.


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